International Summer Intensives

July 2nd - August 3rd, 2019

Join our progressive Junior and
Senior Summer Intensive Programs
taught by internationally renowned
guest instructors.

Senior Professional School

The Academy’s Senior Professional School consists of distinctive and comprehensive programs designed to produce graduates who are capable of integrating effortlessly into dance companies all over the world.

Adult Ballet

Whether or not you have danced before, our Adult Ballet classes offer many benefits for body, mind and coordination. A total body workout set to classical music, Adult Ballet utilizes a combination of movements to shape and tone your muscles.

Junior School

The program is taught by certified and award-winning instructors, our Junior School curriculum follows a progressive structure designed to assist each child in reaching their highest potential.

Creative Dance

Budding dancers, ages 3+ years, are introduced to the basic concepts of ballet including beginning steps, terminology, musicality, focus, and expression. Throughout the year, students gain strength, coordination and self-confidence from our award-winning and Royal Academy of Dance certified faculty.

Unveiling and Fostering Hidden Talents & Inspiring Creative Thinkers

Created to pursue technical and artistic excellence and to celebrate cultural awareness in the dance community, the Goh Ballet Academy and Youth Company are proudly committed to showcasing a wide-ranging and ever expanding repertoire of classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, character and Chinese dance. Continuing our legacy of training generations of dancers who garner international praise and accolades, we present full length productions and segments of classical favourites, all which have been staged by internationally acclaimed guest artists such as Johnny Eliasen, Elyse Borne, Nikita Dolgushin, Frank Andersen and Anna-Marie Holmes, among others.



News & Media

Stay up to date on all events, news and happenings around the Goh Ballet & its students.

The Academy is extremely proud to acknowledge the achievements of our students at international competitions and the visibility of our graduates who fill the ranks of world renowned companies.