Adult Classes


Did you know we now offer more than just adult ballet programs? To complement the opening of our new studios at Oakridge Centre we are excited to be able to offer an elegant range of new adult dance and fitness programs to help assert some creativity into your weekly fitness regime. Whatever your ability, we hope to be able to inspire you to relevé and build your strength through dance with one of our many drop-in classes. We understand that working schedules can be tough to manage which is why all of our sessions are on a drop in basis – simply join us when you can, and as often as you like.

Our new program of adult classes includes Dance Fit, Bollywood Fit, Ballet Body Conditioning with Core Stability, Stretch and Tone, Chinese Classical Dance, Adult Classical Ballet, and Golden Ballet 55+!

We welcome you to try our variety of new adult classes at either Goh Main or Goh Oakridge.

Below you will find our weekly class schedule and more information on each class. If you would like further information please contact us or call 604.872.4014 ext. 0.


Drop-In Classes ($20 per class or multi-class card option available with discount)


Ballet Body Conditioning with Core Stability, Stretch and Tone

A wonderful way to strengthen and tone muscle, classes are designed to provide a balanced workout with special emphasis on improving suppleness, and core strength combined with a series of slow and controlled floor exercises to sculpt your muscles, and increase flexibility and abdominal control. Energize your thoughts, and destress by creating a greater sense of mind-body awareness.

Chinese Classical Dance

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture with this class which introduces traditional Chinese classical dance. Learn and build up an expressive vocabulary used to create the dramatic, elegant and alluring movements that make up this highly ornate style of dance. During the last 15 minutes of each session your instructor will set choreography for a short dance repertoire for the class.

Adult Classical Ballet

Our Adult Ballet classes offer several benefits for your body, mind and overall wellness. A total body and mind workout set to classical piano music, Adult Ballet utilizes fundamental ballet movement technique to shape, lengthen and tone your muscles. Our classes accommodate dancers at various skill levels. Whether you have a background in dance, or have never danced before, you can drop-in to a class level that is right for you and feel ballerina beautiful.

Class Levels


Adult Classical Ballet Intro is designed for those looking to begin their ballet journey! No prior dance experience is necessary. This class will introduce the fundamental elements of ballet technique familiarizing you with simple barre and centre work and proper stretching techniques. Students will work on posture alignment, foot positions and the fundamental technique; Plié , Relevé, Battement, Tendus and beyond. Through simple combinations students will notice their coordination and mobility improve as well as their concentration and focus.


Adult Classical Ballet Level 1 builds upon the technique that was developed in the Ballet Intro class, and is for beginners with a little dance experience. Classes continue to develop different ballet vocabulary and movements while providing opportunities to increase flexibility, improve body alignment, lengthen muscles and group together combinations. Students will learn the full range of barre exercises as well as Port de Bras and Waltz movements in the center. Petit allegro and other traveling jumps will be introduced.


Adult Classical Ballet Level 2 to further develop the techniques taught in level 1, classes are for those who have had training with ballet and feel comfortable with a faster-paced environment focused on technical development and muscle control. Barre exercises will be more complex, training of Pirouettes, Chaînés, & Piqué turns will be introduced and Medium and Grand Allegro will have students soaring to new heights.


Adult Classical Ballet Level 3 is for intermediate/ advanced dancers with substantial ballet training, or those who have advanced from Adult Ballet Level 2. Classes will feature full series of complex and rapid movements, and combine full turning sequences and combinations that have both turns and jumps. Pointe work may be introduced at discretion of the instructor.

Golden Ballet

Ages 55+

A class created for anyone who loves the art of ballet, has always dreamed of learning ballet, or would like to unveil the dancer within them; these uniquely designed classes for those aged 55 and up, are a wonderful way to introduce foundational ballet movements.

Classes will start with gentle movements from the vast ballet vocabulary that will improve mobility, balance, strength and poise. Using low impact exercise, targeting body alignment and stretching to classical music this class will be essentially beneficial for ones’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here is your special invitation for a fun opportunity to build fitness goals while socializing with other like-minded individuals!

Dance Fit Levels 1 & 2

Dancers are often admired for their poise, agility and strength. At Goh Ballet we are pleased to offer this one of a kind class designed to use the principals behind ballet training to enhance stamina, improve coordination and increase overall mobility through repetitions at an intensive pace. Increase your strength, speed and cardiovascular endurance with our dynamic dance fit classes. Classes will be taught by instructors with extensive knowledge of dance and music to provide an elegant workout.

By using the resistance of your own body-weight, each individual can work within their limits and receive maximum results. This class will have you feeling revitalized, confident and strong.

Dance Fit Level 1 is for those who prefer a slower paced workout.
Dance Fit Level 2 is a higher intensity workout, incorporating more cardio and core work.